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Build an Audience

Would you desire more individuals attending your concerts? Are you seeking more members or patrons? Are you eager to engage younger audiences? With Orchestral Events …So much more can happen on your stage.

We understand the pressure to build new audiences and we know how to help. The traditional classical repertoire is highly limited in its capacity to sustain or attract new audiences. Those that accept this and aggressively embrace actions to excite and draw in new audiences will thrive.

By offering programming that merges your orchestra with popular music artists – from the 60s, 70s or 80s – or by involving contemporary musical artists with strong national, regional or local fan bases you can rapidly and significantly build audiences that can endure and continually grow.

From tapping into the powerful emotions of nostalgia to astonishing fans of contemporary artists with how your orchestra enriches their performance – Orchestral Events will enable you to expand your reach and pull in new audiences to fill more seats.

All we need to know are your aspirations and we can help you form a strategy, action plan and pair you with the most appropriate popular acts rapidly.

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