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The Accessible Fundraiser

Access is everything! Making it easy and avoiding complexity is why Orchestral Events exists.

Fundraising efforts like races, walks or golf tournaments can be complex and resource intensive. They can involve high cost, risk, volunteer recruiting and management of volunteers, and coordination of supporting agencies over large geographic areas; It all adds up to an extraordinary effort to insure a tentative result – an Orchestral Event uses a single location that is readily accessible and highly manageable.

We’re not saying complex events don’t work – they can – but for those desiring fundraisers with less potential problems, costs and risks – Orchestral Events makes it simple.

Another factor that can lessen your fundraising revenue is “Event Fatigue.” This often happens when communities, volunteers and participants decrease their enthusiasm for the something that is the same year after year. An Orchestral Event is something novel and new which can energize large numbers of stakeholders, the media and your community at large.

And what about the weather or season? Few factors can stifle a fundraiser like bad weather but when you hold your event in a concert hall – you can do this any time of year.

Even if races, walks, golf outings or other outdoor fundraisers are working for you – you can expand and amplify your capacity by adding an Orchestral Event any time of year to increase your certainty that the weather or season will not affect access or turn out.

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